2014 - 2017

LAND STAR is my four-year photographic exploration along roads less traveled throughout the hinterlands of the American South. In 2014, I set out with a Polaroid Land Camera and a road map to make instant souvenirs of the place where I grew up and continue to live. LAND STAR is an attempt to capture the vanishing vernacular signage and architecture of the region. Part journey, sojourn or road trip, and part exercise in time travel, LAND STAR offers up forty images - fleeting glimpses that aspire to weave a non-linear visual narrative. This is a Southern Gothic tale of loss, isolation, and desolation - the side effects of modernity. For me, this work represents an escape to an alternate realm, a fantastical locale, a tactile memory of a perfect world saturated in color – a place that still exists within a parallel universe far from the complicated, hyper-digitized, and gentrified world of today.

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